Training gear and attire

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We encourage all new Brewster Arnis students to purchase a uniform shirt and a black pair of training pants. You will need to  purchase your own training gear.

Pair of rattan sticks either 28 or 32 inch long – lacrosse gloves – stick fighting helmet – rubber / plastic training blades – training tomahawk. A padded sparring jacket will be some thing that will aid you in sparring drills in the future so you wont need that right away. You will need sticks right away.  So please order some before joining our class here.

Guro Peter can help guide you in the right direction when ordering training gear.


Here is what new students will need for edge weapons training and sparring. We like to keep the instruction here safe.  Eye protection. A pair of lacrosse gloves. Rubber training knife.

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Brewster Arnis uniform shirt