Pete Freedman is the REAL deal….one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, EVER…. absolutely great instructor, better person…..love you Sensei….   Danny Tee

Jay Macdonald


One of the nicest, wisest, kindest, strongest, and deadliest people i have had the luck to meet, the privileged to know, and the honor to call my friend and Sensei….  Jay Macdonald

Tony Alexopoulos on left in camo


“Grand Master Freedman was my mentor in 1989. Today he is located in NH. Greatness would be the word of the day. He makes a living instructing what works. He does private work, consultations, contract work, etc. He's the real deal. Tony Alexopoulos aka Greek Adonis”

“During class, I never felt intimidated or embarrassed to try new things or to make mistakes.  Peter is able to create an atmosphere in his school that is both accepting and nurturing.  He inspires all of us not only to learn but to teach others and contribute to everyone’s learning.  It is an incredible feeling to be able to learn something new, understand it, and feel confident to experiment with concepts and techniques creatively.  Peter fosters that creativity in all of his students to make us better martial artists and more aware people. Peter teaches students from all walks of life regardless of how ‘in-shape’ they are.  I think that this is one of the key reasons I enjoy this school and his style of teaching.  Everyone can work at his or her own pace without feeling self-conscious or defeated because there are always students of every level in his school.” Peter has a warmth and an open-mindedness that is inspiring.  The rewards of learning a martial art are immeasurable; however, it is Peter who makes going to this school so worthwhile.  His kindness, support, and wisdom make learning with him a pleasure and knowing him an honor. After studying martial arts with Peter I don’t think I would consider studying with someone else.  I haven’t come across any other martial arts schools that truly encompass what I feel martial arts should be — a combination of physical, emotional, and spiritual enlightenment and balance.  What draws me to Peter’s style of teaching is having that balance and also being able to laugh, have fun, make mistakes, and really understand what martial art is all about.”  Andrea Wilcott, Freelance web designer.

Michael Morin Sensei


“Peter’s method of Jujitsu and Arnis is broken down into simple concepts and principles which allows it to be easily learned and taught.  The method is taught ‘soft’ or slowly in a manner that prevents anyone from getting hurt.  And of course you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.  If you have an injury that you’re nervous about you are encouraged to speak up about it.  You don’t have to do an exercise you’re uncomfortable with. Peter also teaches us to learn in a way that is suitable for our own body types.  As a result he teaches that we have to learn how to make martial arts work for our own body type and not just do what he does since he is just doing techniques based upon his body type. Keeping with this idea the martial art is suitable for people with disabilities and people of all shapes and sizes.  He encourages us to ask questions, and, when making a mistake, to embrace it and learn from that mistake.  This type of environment allows us to open up more to the art and learn faster. I find that I use Peter’s teaching and the ways of the martial arts every day.  It has changed the way I approach situations, with more confidence and focus.  It has increased my awareness, taught me the value of being humble towards others, made me feel more secure and confident, and made me a happier person because of these things.”  Sensei Michael Morin, Software engineer

Grand Master George H. Brewster


“I have been practicing martial arts for approximately forty-six years.  When I started, my teachers explained things over time and you were expected to learn by training hard on your own.  Peter, from my observations of his teachings, does more explaining of techniques and their ramifications in detail.  His method is ideal for students of any condition.  Most of my teachers, myself, and Peter Freedman have taught for years with no injuries which is proof that this is possible. Peter Freedman is a compassionate and knowledgeable person and the atmosphere at his school is one of camaraderie and a relaxed pursuit of martial arts.  He never bullies or loses his patience with any of his students.”  Mr. George Brewster, Guro Grande and founder of Brewster Arnis; Founder of the Boston Arnis Club; and Pioneer of Arnis Lanada in Boston Mass area, World War 2 Vet

 “Pete’s methods were very creative and his classes were very relaxed.  He also taught about many other aspects such as nutrition, anatomy, and physiology.   He is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had and one of my closest friends.  His learning environment fosters creativity and free thought which are very powerful tools for anyone including martial artists . . . .  Pete helped me find my own mind and spirit . . . .  This helped me bring my practice of Kendo to a new level.”  John Sills, English teacher in Japan     

“Guro Freedman teaches in a way that clearly shows the how and the why to defend yourself against any attack using the same concepts and principles.  In this way you don’t have to feel like you’re relearning hundreds of the same movements over again.  As a result I see things differently, more clearly, and can appreciate more of the obvious. Guro Peter Freedman has a good soul and the teaching environment reflects this.  He is honest and generous with his teaching.  He is a man who shares what he learned the hard way to help his students live safer and fuller lives.”  Barry Levine — Feldenkrais Practitioner, M.Ed. Rehabilitation Admin. N.U. 

Second level Guro / Shehan Ketsugo Jujutsu – Ryan Birmingham

Ryan_Arnis pose_WEB

“Peter is the kindest, most knowledgeable person you’ll ever meet.  He’s gentle, too.  If you don’t believe me, shake his hand.  He doesn’t like to show off.  Instead, he focuses on the improvement of his students and others . . . .  What makes his method great is that it adapts to each individual.  The diversity makes it even more fun.  Pete loves teaching . . . .  We always have fun in class while learning a lot about the art . . . .  Every one should meet him.”  Guro second level – Shehan in Ketsugo Jujutsu, Ryan Birmingham, Graphic design artist

“Guro Peter brings out the good in people.  He is so affirming and he helps each person see the value in themselves.  That is a gift that very few people have.  Over this past year I have seen my kids grow in confidence in a lot of ways — it is his teaching, but also his example and especially his encouragement.  He often says that we are all a family/tribe.  He is our teacher, our spiritual brother, and our friend.  We feel so fortunate about that.”  Lorna  

Guro Philip Duldulao

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 “Guro Freeman leads by example and his explanation of the martial arts in relation to body mechanics is outstanding.  As a fairly new student, my first impression of his personality is his humility.  I admire the quiet confidence that he has instilled on his students by teaching them the values of being humble, patient, and open minded.  The beauty and strength of Guro Freedman’s Method is that he tailors the art to the individual’s needs and emphasizes the student’s strengths to their advantage. Guro Freedman is a good role model for someone who may be timid and who lacks self-confidence.  Guro Freedman has the capacity to motivate and bring people out of their shells and achieve their potential.”  Guro Philip Duldulao

“Grand Master Peter Freeman’s Method is more of a holistic approach and constantly ties the different pieces together both mentally and physically.  Guro Peter Freedman’s teaching approach has affected me by making me think more about what I am learning instead of just memorizing moves.  It is a connection of the mind, spirit, and body. Guro Peter Freedman makes it a priority to teach and have his students learn effective martial arts without injury and I have not sustained any injuries while studying with Guro Peter. I utilize Guro Freedman’s teachings in several ways.  Studying people’s movements, making use of ‘footwork for just going through a crowd or when someone is coming through my way, and by practicing martial arts at other dojos by utilizing Guro Freedman’s teachings.  It actually ties together with other non-martial art activities that I do. Guro Peter Freedman is a very open and honest person and lives what he teaches.  He fosters an environment of thinking and strategizing about your martial arts and trying to tie it all together.  I happen to live a distance from Guro Freedman’s school that does not make it convenient to go often.  Even though I live a distance from his school Guro Peter has always been great about answering my many questions whether by phone or email.  His answers are always sincere and I always appreciate the time he takes to answer me.  I very much value his teachings, advice, and friendship.”  Tony Mullin, Engineering manager

John Lenotte Combat Veteran


 I started my Martial Arts training at the age of 16, more than 20 years ago with 20 years of military and law enforcement experience combined. It was difficult finding a system that fit me. I trained in Kempo, Muay Thai, JKD, boxing, BJJ and Army Combatives. My instructors in these styles were direct students under some of the commonly known masters so I knew the training was legit, not to mention hard. It wasn’t until I met Grandmaster Peter Freedman that it all came together and made sense. His Ketsugo Ju-jutsu* and dumog is the foundation and system I had been seeking. His teaching of anatomy, concepts and principles is what I had been missing. The applications of his system are endless. I am able to apply this for self-defense & street fighting, combat and/or on the job as a law enforcement officer. – John Lenotte , Combat Veteran, US Army & Navy Military Police, Local & County Law Enforcement, Federal Agent- DHS

“I had training in the law enforcement academies I attended. I found them to be cursory and based upon rote memorization that is ineffectual in an actual confrontation. Guro Peter Freedman’s Method is far superior as students learn concepts and principals about how and why the methods work. Guro Freedman’s Method is based upon how the anatomy of the body works and that is the core of why the training works. The method can be adapted to any skill level or physical limitation or individuality of the student. Guro Freedman’s Method is a melding of the mind, spirit, and body which is why it is so effective and important to the student on every core level. Although Grandmaster Freedman encourages you to learn from everyone you can, I would not consider looking for another teacher. I was extraordinarily lucky to have had the opportunity to train with Grandmaster Freedman. I have had extensive experience as a student and instructor and based upon that, I state with great certainty that he is an exceptional teacher.” – Meredith Lobur, Police Officer, Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Investigator, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Certified Instructor, Awarded A Meritorious Service Medal

Thomas LeBrun EP specialist 


“As an Executive Protection Specialist I need training that will compliment my chosen vocation — the protection of myself and a third party. Although I train myself in many aspects of self-defense and defensive tactics, I am always looking for training that compliments my training and Guro Peter Freedman’s Method does just that. I have enjoyed the flow method of teaching which I believe is the best way to describe it and the fact that it can be tailored to anyone, experienced or not. I have also enjoyed the leave your ego at the door approach.” – Thomas LeBrun, Executive Protection Specialist; International Martial Arts Hall of Fame; Bodyguard Hall of Fame; Bodyguard of the year for 1999 and 2005

“I started martial arts at the age of 17 or 18. I joined Grandmaster Peter Freedman’s Arnis class. I entered into the Marines at 18 and developed Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a few other forms through the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP). Unfortunately, during my four years in the Marines I was seriously injured. Due to my injuries most of the leg movements from most martial arts would not be easy to accomplish. I would find myself more off balance and unable to keep a stable footing. I searched for a martial arts program that would help adapt to me, not just take me through a set form or organized moves. Grandmaster Peter Freedman’s method of Ketsugo Ju-Jutsu* and Dumog was exactly what I was looking for in a martial arts system. Grandmaster Peter Freedman tailored his system to my needs and gave me the inspiration to create my own art.” – Sgt. Thomas Simard (Retired) United States Marine Corp
Guro Peter Freedman & Terry Dow Sensei
“Guro Peter Freedman’s Method has opened my eyes to many new things and helped me to restructure the whole approach to my martial art. I have become a better teacher and person just from Grandmaster Freedman’s guidance. He is awesome! If you learn the true lesson Grandmaster Freedman has to teach, you will learn from everyone you can and learn not to judge things on a shallow level. I will always look to him for guidance no matter where I am or how old I get. He has allowed my eyes to be opened enough to know who really knows what they are talking about and who doesn’t! However, one should always try to look for the teacher in everyone.” – Terry Dow Sensei, Martial Arts Academy Owner and Instructor