Ron Kosakowski: Traditional Filipino Weapons Craftsmanship

11219140_800661746696341_5713015387111102567_nYou will see other Filipino bladed weapons brands using pinned and glued handles. Handles of that construction will eventually become loose. You will also see knives and swords from other makers with the handles screwed on from the back, those will also eventually become loose. The handles of our TFW blades are crafted in a different way (a bladesmith’s secret) that has been kept within the family tribe for centuries! Our handles will never come loose! You will be able to pass these bladed weapons down to your descendants as family heirlooms for centuries to come!

These Filipino bladed weapons maintain a cultural and historical superiority that are guaranteed to be found nowhere else. They are all crafted strong and solid from top to bottom with a full tang so that each one is combat ready to take any type of normal punishment.

These Filipino blades are engineered to perfection by craftsmen who have been making them in their tribal family for centuries. You can actually feel the deadly potential behind these Filipino blades by just holding one in your hand! These indigenous Philippine Sandata weapons are a must for all sword and knife collectors looking for only the best available blades that are combat proven collectibles, not frail wall hangers. You will see this quality for yourself once you possess one, you will realize that no other Filipino weapons can compete with our products!

Most Sincerely,

Ron Kosakowski

Traditional Filipino Weapons