Master Spencer Gee


Master teacher Spencer Gee
Spencer Gee represented the US in 1981 for the first Wushu tour to the People’s Republic of China. Spencer Gee is a personal trainer, aerobics instructor, and instructor of traditional Kung-Fu at Two Worlds Fitness Center in Greenvale. He is an instructor, under Eric A. Leigh, in Pankration, the Martial Art of all Powers and under Professor Amante P. Marinas, he is also a Master of Pananandata, the Filipino art of weapons. Mr. Gee is currently studying Brazilian Capoeira and Gracie Jiujitsu. He is an associate professor at Hofstra University, under the auspices of Professor Joe Buebenas, for the Tai Chi and Self-Defense courses given there.

All Powers Training is a collection of several Martial Arts systems with its own personal training / workout approach and holistic life philosophy.
Spencer has transformed his martial arts and fitness expertise to form a visionary and opulent approach for traditional martial arts performance, practical self defense, and effective core fitness training.
Whether you are training to sharpen your martial skills or training to become more supple and svelte, in your next workout, choose All Powers Training. Train to Live, Live to Train.

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