Knife / Spike / Tomahawk / Ax / Spear / Stick Throwing

Knife throwing – ax and tomahawk throwing – spike throwing – stick throwing – spear throwing – are all part of the Filipino martial arts. So we teach different methods of throwing weapons. We encourage you not to throw your weapon away in a fight, but at some points in battle it may become necessary. We teach here that people throw knives for different reasons. Here are some reasons why people learn how to throw objects and weapons. For recreation (fun) – Sport (competition) – to distract an opponent – to hunt (survival) – self defense and combative purposes. We cover all these topics here.

Joe (Broken Feather) Darrah – teaches people all over the
United States how to throw knives and Tomahawks. He sets
up different throwing events as well.

GM Peter Freedman annual martial arts gathering cookout. Sept 2017 here are some photos:

Joseph Darrah (Broken Feather) will be teaching knife and tomahawk throwing at Guro Peter Freedman’s annual martial art cookout gathering in Sept 10 and 11 2016 in Weare NH.

Every year Guro Peter Freedman brings in Grand master in all different kinds of martial art styles and systems into Weare NH to teach out of his private school. His school is by appointment only and not everybody is accepted. So contact him early and make an appointment before the waiting list grows.

Karate master Robb Buckland throwing a tomahawk at Guro Peter Freedman’s annual martial arts gathering / cookout Sept 11, 2016




Guro Peter Freedman explaining the science of how and why to throw an object. Here he was throwing spikes and explaining the proper throwing technique.



Jesse James Kosakowski throwing a tomahawk. He is pretty good to.



Broken feather Joe Darrah planing out the day with Michael Jordan (rebel) they both taught knife and tomahawk throwing all day along with the bull whip.

Ron Kosakowski and Joseph Darrah talking knife throwing. Mr Darrah holds a record for throwing a knife 178 feet hitting the bulls eye. Both attend Guro Peter Freedman yearly cookout in Weare NH.  Guro Freedman brings in Grand master and master teachers from all different styles of martial arts to give his students the best martial art education they can have. Knife and tomahawk throwing is one skill he teaches his students.