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Contact: Grand master Peter Freedman


Phone: 603-759-3163  Please leave me a message if you get my answering service. Talk slow enough and clearly. If I cant hear it and understand what message you left I cant call you back. Dont forget to leave your return number as well. If I should not return your call in a timely manner please do call me back. 

Please don’t feel nervous about contacting me. I know how starting new venture are scary. I promise to help you learn and do my best to find ways to make it easy for you to pick up quickly. I will listen to your questions and help develop new drills to answer your physical needs. I am here to spread in good faith to the best of my knowledge Brewster Arnis to those who want to learn it. I am here for you, but you must make the effort to contact me and get here. I have people travel to train here from all over this Country and parts of the world. We have grown so much since this website went up. We are growing fast to. Join our Filipino martial art family and become part of this growth. Start training groups in your area and I will coach you how to do it. This way you will have steady workout partners to grow with. We are a family based community. We have fun doing this and want to spread the fun to others. I hope you will contact us soon to join us and get started.

Thank you

GM Peter Freedman

Weare NH. USA