Conditioning and strengthening Methods

Peter weight lifter

Picture of me – Guro Peter Freedman as a power lifter when I was operating my body building and power lifting gyms in the greater Boston Mass area. I still did martial arts while lifting weights.

Filipino martial arts will get you into great physical shape. It will improve your health and your coordination. Your inner spirit will become happy because it will know the feeling of confidence that a healthy body can deliver. We will put out all kinds of different exercises here on this page not only just for your health but to also make you a stronger fighter and a better athlete. The good thing is my background in weight lifting and nutrition where I have owned three body building and power lifting hardcore gyms in my life. My knowledge of weight lifting and nutrition has been a big help to them to transition into a healthy life style. They get the best of both worlds the conditioning and the martial art development here.

They learn all types of nutritional tips to burn fat and clean out their arteries and veins that improves their cardio. They start feeling better in their mind and that carries over into how they conduct them selves as a better human being.  Their confidence triples and their aura glows brighter because of it.

Everybody that meets my students always says you have the nicest students and people around you that I have ever met. That is because most people who act poorly lack knowledge. By increasing their knowledge of life they feel better and calm down turning into a more patient individual. We have that gift of doing that here.

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Guro Peter Freedman when he was a Power Lifter in the 1980
Peter weight lifter

Guro Peter Freedman with Nancy Clark who wrote the book The Athletes Kitchen

Guro Peter Freedman is in this book talking about Nutrition for martial artist