Brewster Arnis Training


Brewster Arnis is a mixture of four different Filipino martial arts. Arnis – Kali – Escrima – Dumog (Filipino jujutsu). Grand master Brewster saw the value in each method and what it had to offer. The core of Brewster Arnis is Arnis demano. Every thing else revolves around this Cino Teros method (five deadly angles) of attack and defense. Grand master Brewster studied Arnis Lanada with Matt Marinas. For kali he studied with Master Rey Galang of Bakbakan International. He would get on a train and travel from Boston Mass to New Jersey once a month every month for years. He was a dedicated Bakbakan member. He would bring his students out to NJ. for sparring and stick/knife fighting tournaments. For the Escrima part he would have J.C. Cabiero from  Cabales Serrada escrima come out from California to teach everybody. And the Dumog was a mixture of Kuntao – Silat – Ketsugo Jujutsu. Towards the end GM Brewster instructed Guro Peter Freedman to add in Ketsugo Jujutsu concepts and principles of the empty hand. Guru Alvin Wiggim taught the Kuntao Silat to GM Brewster’s students. In Brewster Arnis there are impact training (sticks and staffs) edge weapons (knives – swords – ax – tomahawk – karambit – sickles) Flexible weapons (rope – belt – scarf – shirt – sarong – whip – chain) type of training. Foot work is the key element along with angles of attack and defense.

After you become proficient in weapons you start your empty hand training Dumog. This is a Filipino type of jujutsu that includes grappling, locks, throws, foot sweeps, strikes and more. You also learn how to apply this to a person attacking you with a weapon and you are unarmed.

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