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Guro Ryan Birmingham leading the class in edge weapons play in Weare NH.

This is the official website of Guro Grande Peter Freedman. We welcome your questions and your input. Our goal is to pass on the knowledge and wisdom of the late great Guro Grande George Brewster and promote Filipino martial arts. We start each student off from the very beginning with foundation building skills. We teach them the basics of stick work and footwork and we build them up on that solid foundation and advance their skills along the way. Our approach to teaching is to teach each individual accordant to how they learn best. We educate each person here and make sure they are absorbing the concepts and principles of each new technique they learn. They learn the science of how to implement any kind of weapon in any kind of situation that may encounter.

Each student learns at their own pace here because that is the best way to learn. No pressure to learn it all in one class. We encourage each student to ask plenty of questions when the time is right for them to ask. Meaning when they feel comfortable enough to voice their question. We hope that each person viewing this page will not become intimidated by what we have to offer them here. Anybody from child to adult can learn our complete methods of Filipino martial arts from beginner to advance level up to Guro (teacher) over time. We encourage creativity from the very first class.

This means if you make a mistake during the practice of any new technique we share with you we will teach you how to open up other options that will turn your mistake into an effective self defense maneuver that will work for you in a confrontation. This method has been deeply thought out over time and extremely effective. It has been proven on battle fields all over the world. Military to law enforcement to body guards are now investing their time into learning this effective Filipino martial art.

Our instructors are friendly and knowledgeable. We welcome people from all walks of life and encourage them to come train with us. We also encourage them to start their own training groups with their friends and family members. This way they will have more time to practice what they had learned in class here. Any questions please write to Guro Peter Freedman and he will get back to you as soon as he can. We are about growing this art and with that being said we want people who really want to learn. If you want this you can learn it pretty quickly while having fun. Mabuhay

Guro Philip Duldulao teaching Brewster Arnis in Weare NH.

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Guro Roberto Davila  practicing dumog