Brewster Arnis FMA


Guro work study training – Weare NH. USA
Brief description of this once a month training session:
Teach people young and old how to defend them
selves while getting into shape with a Filipino martial art.
No experience required to study this. It is about educating
people on how to coordinate their own body and improve
upon their mental and physical balance and to develop good
reflexes while learning about health and nutrition. You will
start off with a rattan stick and learn how to apply different
angles in the air so you can build up a solid foundation on
how to use a stick for self defense if need be. You will hit
car tires mounted on a stand to develop proper angle of
strike and to build up your arm and shoulder muscles. Your
grip will improve greatly as well. From there you will graduate
to an edge weapon and learn the differences from long to
short bladed weapons and how to use them. Knife and Tomahawk
throwing are part of this system. As you improve with coordination
and your timing and speed pick up along with your physical
strength you will graduate to learning empty hand methods
of self defense against a weapon wielding opponent. You will
also learn how to respond in the best way against multiple
opponents or attackers if need be. This once a month work
shop is to expose people to what Filipino martial arts is and
has to offer. If you have health issues we need to know to
see if we can help work around those issues so you can
learn well. I know it takes a lot to start up some thing new.
Believe me you will laugh on your first day here and your
nerves will calm down. We encourage questions and like
to hear your feed back so we can help you to learn better.
Contact me GM Peter Freedman so we can get you on board.
Sooner is better than later.
We train FMA in Weare NH every Friday evening 7 PM to 9 PM